Architectural and Urban Exhibition 2021: “ICONIC NOMADS IN GLOBAL VILLAGE”

BAB 2021 main international exhibition will be held from 8-16th of December in Belgrade, venue Balkan Cinema

word from curators:

“ICONIC NOMADS” are formed and mature as spokespersons of local cultures. They are carriers of collective and personal identity and as such participate in creating a global village, incorporating elements of diversity and establishing new socio-cultural networks. We pose several questions to architects and architecture:

  • What are needs of Iconic Nomads?
  • What are main characteristics of their shelter/home?
  • How do they interact?
  • How does their network of shelters look like?
  • Is it a global village?

We are inviting you to give answers to our questions that reflects in your work.


Nebojša Glišić, curator

Tatjana Mrđenović, commisioner

Dragan Marković, co-curator