dr Alen Žunić – Architectural Exhibition Jury Member

Alen Žunić, PhD, is an architect who currently works as a Visiting research scholar at Columbia University (New York City) and as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture (Zagreb). He is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb.

He completed his Master’s in Architecture, in 2013 at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb (summa cum laude). He continued his studies at the AA London Visiting School (2011) and the ETH Summer Academy (2012). In 2015, he completed his postgraduate Master’s degree in history and philosophy of architecture at the GSD Harvard University; in 2016, he received his PhD at the FA in Zagreb, where he is also a research associate; he recently finished his post-doctorate research at ETH Zürich – GTA Institute, focusing on modern and contemporary architecture.

Žunić has published 14 books as an author, co-author or editor: Context of Architecture (2014), Boris Magaš – Thoughts on Architecture (2014, 2018), several editions of Zagreb Architecture Guide – An Anthology of 100 Buildings (2012, 2013, 2015, 2018), the monograph Architect Branko Kincl (2016), Velimir Neidhardt: Thinking Architecture (2018). The most recent book that he co-authored is the great monograph Islamic Architecture and Art in Croatia – Ottoman and Contemporary Heritage (2018).

He won numerous awards for his work: Ranko Radović Award (2016, 2018), The City of Zagreb Award (2019), Radovan Ivančević Award (2019), Vera Johanides Award for the best Young Scientist (2019), etc.

He exhibited at the Zagreb Salon of Architecture, Architectural Salon in Novi Sad, and multiple times at the annual exhibition of the Croatian Architects’ Association. He received awards in competitions for urban design and architecture