Designer Exhibition 2017

Designer Exhibition 2017

Interior design is globally regarded as a part of a growing industry. However, it is important to pay attention that interior design is concerned as a category of luxury services market, so it is constantly subjected to ups and downs of the economy. On the other hand, this should not significantly affect and discourage professional designers, and including those who complete vocational schools in this area, because there are market and interest in this area at any moment.

On the contrary, the current economic situation should not discourage them but it should inspire the further development, expansion of possibilities and researching information on various topics. Our goal is to gather as many professional designers as possible, as well as students of vocational studies, manufacturers, traders, importers, and others in this field.

The participants should focus on presenting their views on the current situation in the Balkans in terms of the perception of interior design, production of furniture, design and industrial design. The participants are invited to exhibit their works in the form of presentations of performed interior projects and realized mobiliar (furniture).  After collecting all the works, Expert Commission will select and award three best works.


Key dates for exhibitions segment – 2017

November 10th – deadline for the exhibition application

November 15th – response and confirmation from the curator

December 1st – deadline for submissions

December 18th – opening and awards ceremony

December 25th – closing of the exhibition



Participation fee for architecture end design exhibition: 50 Еuros

Design exhibition, aside from furniture pieces for which won’t be any participation fee, will include the display of interior designs on billboards, which implies participation fee.







Payment instructions

The transaction for the participation fee can be done here.



Submitting the work

You can submit your work to this e-mail: