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“Guest stars” is a side  event of Balkan Architectural Biennale which emphasizes architects who did marvelous works in research and practice, enlightenments’ thinkers who brought light in the field, opening new ways of re-thinking backbone of architecture in all it’s aspects: history, aesthetic, form, philosophy, spiritualism, etc.

curators: dr Tatjana Mrđenović, mr Marina Đurđević



// Goran Vojvodić & Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić

21st of December, 19:00
Faculty for diplomacy and security, Travnička 2, Belgrade



BIRO.VIA – Vojvodić Ivanović Architects, was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of, until then, independent professional careers of Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić and Goran Vojvodić. Main activities of the bureau are the architectural design of various types of buildings, reconstruction of existing facilities, interior design, etc. Production and creative scope of the bureau are reflected in the large number of executed projects in the field of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as interiors (more than 100).





:: BIRO.VIA features contemporary architectural expression, both in the formal and functional terms and in the field of applied materials and technologies. In addition to the Founders, the bureau employs 6 to 8 Architects and up to 20 depending on the workload, which, in cooperation with installation designers and professional consultants delivers complete project documentation, necessary conditions, and building permits as well.

//Many years of architectural and urban planning experience of this team unites: research in architecture and urban planning; international construction and building experience; all engineering aspects of the profession; attention to the relationship between details and the whole, as well as the concept, context, function and form; awareness of the socially responsible position of architects and the need for promotion of architectural profession.


The extensive list of clients and partners includes Porsche SCG, Roaming, Exing, Nelt, Dexon, Coning, BPM, Mamut, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, French Cultural Center, Gemax, Basketball Union of Yugoslavia, Belgrade City Government, etc.

Some of distinguished completed projects: Reconstruction of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra; Reconstruction of French Cultural Center, Belgrade; Eurocentar – City Shopping Mall, Belgrade; Porsche SCG Headquarters, Belgrade; Gemax Tennis Academy, Belgrade; Hemopharm GmbH – Head Office, Bad Homburg, Germany, Roscomdragmet – Russian Ministry of Noble Metals, Moscow, University Donja Gorica, Podgorica, Montenegro; Private Villa Resort, Port Grimaud, Saint Tropez, France; GranitiFiandre Showroom, Belgrade; etc.




Faculty of Diplomacy and Security, 20.12.2017. at 18.00h

//prof. dr Vladimir Mako, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

Владимир Мако (1958) је, након завршених студија на Универзитету у Београду – Архитектонском факултету (1982), магистрирао на Универзитету у Београду – Архитектонском факултету (1988) и докторирао на Одсеку за Историју уметности Филозофског факултета Универзитета у Београду (1993). Гостујући је професор на Архитектонско-грађевинском факултету у Бања Луци и Архитектонском факултету у Подгорици.

1991-1994. године радио на истраживању и реконструкцији Српских средњовековних цркава – Вољавцу и Светом Томи на Брзави код Бијелог поља, (руководилац проф. др Јован Нешковић). Од 2000-2005. боравио на стручно-научном усавршавању на Факултету за архитектуру и дизајн Викторија универзитета у Велингтону, Нови Зеланд. У току тог боравка био координатор за предмете Процес пројектовања (Design Research), Историја индустријског дизајна (History of Industrial Design), Теорија и критика индустријског дизајна (Theory and Criticism in Industrial Design), Ентеријер студио (Interior Architecture), координатор за последипломске студије, а учествовао и у раду Комисија за истраживачки рад и Комисија за стипендирање студената. Био је и члан Оснивачког одбора Института дизајна Новог Зеланда.

Објавио је више књига и публикација између осталог: Естетичке мисли о архитектури – средњи век, Архитектонски факултет Универзитета у Београду, Београд 2012 (ISBN 978-86-7924-071-2); у енглеском преводу Aesthetic Thoughts on Architecture: Middle Ages, Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, Belgrade 2012; Естетичке мисли о архитектури – доба антике, Архитектонски факултет Универзитета у Београду, Београд 2011; у енглеском преводу Aesthetic Thoughts in Architecture: Antiquity, Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, Belgrade 2012; Естетика – Архитектура, књига 2: креативни процес између субјективног и опште- друштвеног естетског значења, Архитектонски факултет Универзитета у Београду и Орион Арт, Београд 2009; The Art of Harmony: Principles of Measuring and Proportioning in Byzantine Painting, Orion Art, Belgrade 2007; Естетика – Архитектура, књига 1: седам тематских расправа, Архитектонски факултет Универзитета у Београду и Орион Арт, Београд 2005.

Добитник је награде Веселин Лучић, за најбоље научно дело на Универзитету у Београду за 2008. годину.


RESEARCHING SOUND IN SACRAL ARCHITECTURE OF BALKANS, Museum of Science and Technology – Belgrade, 20.12.2017 at 18.00h

//dr Zorana Đorđević, Research Assistant

University of Belgrade – Institute for Multidisciplinary Research


2016: PhD in History and philosophy of natural sciences and technology, University of Belgrade. Dissertation title: “Principles and history of the relatedness of architecture and acoustics”.

2008: M.Arch., Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.

Work experience

2014-present: Research Assistant, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.

2011-2014: Research Trainee, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.

2007-2009: Architect Collaborator, architectural office “Datong Enterprise Ltd.”, Moscow, Russia.


2015: CENDARI summer school, Researching Medieval Culture in a Digital Environment, Prague

2015: Visiting Researcher, University of Cape Town, South Africa

2013: Regional Restauration Camp Rogljevo, Cultural Heritage without Borders

2011 (Aug-Oct): Visiting Researcher, Center for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo, Norway.

2011 (July): Seminar “The Youth Encounter on Sustainability”, organized by ACTIS, spin-off organization of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland.

2010 (June-Aug): Summer school “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development”, Center for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo, Norway.

Research Interests

• History and philosophy of natural sciences and technology, with focus on architectural acoustics, cultural heritage and vernacular architecture.

Other Professional Activities

• 2015: Training and Research for Academic Newcomers (TRAIN).

• 2013: The Laboratory of the Outstanding – the Heritage of Serbian Chemistry, Galery of Science and Technology SASA, Belgrade, author of the exhibition.

• 2012-2013: Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments – Belgrade, collaboration on the site Rogljevske pivnice.

• 2011: Project: Sustainable development in Serbia: comparison of British and Serbian model and the impact on University education in Serbia in the field of environmental protection, Center for Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade.

• 2008-2011: Architectural offices Zenit inženjering, D-design and Atelier Petrović, architect.

• 2006-2010: Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, demonstrator.

• Collaborated with the Institute for Heritage Protection Republic of Serbia on the technical documentation of the site Rogljevske pivnice (2012).

• Part-time collaborated on architectural designes, competitions and projects” realizations with architectural offices “Zenit inženjering”, “D-design” and “Atelier Petrović”, Belgrade (since 2008).

• Volunteered at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, on the subjects Design Studio 2 and 3 with professor Zoran Lazović and subject Studio project 1 – architecture with professor Zoran Radojičić (2006-2010).

• Two-month internship in the architectural office APA Wojciechowski, Warsaw, Poland (2006).


REGIONALISM IN CONTEMPORARY SERBIAN ARCHITECTURE, Museum of Science and Technology – Belgrade, 22.12.2017 at 18.00h

//  dr Igor Marić, Scientific Adviser

Instutute of Architecture and Urban and Spatial Planning of Serbia

Born on September 17, 1950 in Belgrade. Completed primary school and first grade of high school in Belgrade and got high school diploma at the »Dante Alighieri« Liceo Italiano in Tripoli, Libya, in 1969. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1976.

From 1980 to 1984 was employed in the Institute for Architecture and Urbanism & Spatial Planning of Serbia on the jobs of urbanism and spatial planning.

In the period 1984-1990 was employed in the Working Organization “Invest biro” as a leading designer and later as a manager of the OOUR “Projektni biro” and technical managerof the WO “Invest biro”.

Since 1990 has been employed in the Institute for Architecture and Urbanism & Spatial Planning of Serbia in the capacity of the Deputy Manager for Architecture and Housing and the Leading Designer.

In the period 1993-1998 worked as associate lecturer giving theoretical and practical lectures in optional subject: Urban Recon structure, on the Faculty of Architecture; presently giving lectures only at invitation

Defended a professional paper titled “Settlements, housing and housing architecture of Levca; relation between the traditional and the new” in December 1995 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. Defended master’s thesis: “The Spatial Shaping Characteristics of the Traditional Architecture and Its Influence on the Contemporary Architecture in the example of Pomoravlje Region”.

Edit a book: The traditional Moravska architesture and contemporari architecture

Defended a doctoral thesis titled: “The Transformation of the Traditional Architecture of Central Serbia in the Urbanization Process in 19th and 20th Centuries” in may 2006.

Actively participating in various professional associations of town planners and architects. Wos the President of the“Association of Belgrade Architects” vice president of Union of enginers of Serbia. Has participated in work of various international associations of architects. As representative of Serbia, has regularly participated at the conferences of EUROSAGA (European Association of the Employed Architects). Has participated in the work of the PLEA (international association for passive and low-energy architecture). Has participated at various collective exhibitions in Yugoslavia. Has published articles in professional literature.

Has taken part at various scientific meetings in the country and abroad with written papers which have been published in professional collections and publications. Has also been a member of several professional juries for the competitions in the field of urbanism and architecture. Member of the editorial staff of“Arhitektura i urbanisam” scientific and professional magazine.

In 2009 become corresponding member of Academi of engineering sciences of, Serbia.

Speaks Italian and English.

Here is the list of more significant professional and research papers and competition works:

TOWN PLANNING (about 20 urban plans)

  • Local urban plan of “Jabučko ravnište” Sports and Recreation Complex on Stara planina mountain, 1984
  • Local urban plan of “Varoš kapija” (six blocks between streets Knez Mihailova and Brankova) in Belgrade, 1987
  • Local urban plan of the reconstruction ofthe Vukovar town center, 1994
  • Main Urban Plan of Topola, 1999
  • Local urban plan of Vršac, 2004
  • Local urban plan of new cimilteri in Belgrad 2009
  • Local urban plan of risort “Jabučko ravnište” on Stara Planina – Serbia 2009


  • The design of the Shopping Center in Bulevar Crvene armije 144 in Belgrade, realized in 1991-2,
  • The designs and realization of housing structures in Vracar, interpolations in the followingstreets: Molerova 41, 1986; Njegoseva 48, 1988-9; Alekse Nenadovica 18, Požarevačka 35, M.Savkovića 19, 1991-2010
  • The urban designs of reconstruction of ZOO Garden in Belgrade and designs of the entrance to the ZOO, restaurant and structures for animals, realized in the period 1988-1999,
  • The design and realization of housing structures in Belgrade, interpolations and villa in following streets: Mlatišumina 14, 2002; Sazonova 85, 2004,
  • The designs of the Center for Energy and Environment in Budva, together with M.Pucar, 1996,
  • The design of “Ana” Hotel in Banja Koviljača, together with M.Pucar, 1998.
  • The design of Palas KMKM in center of Belgrad with. V.Marić, 2008.

URBAN AND ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITIONS (participated at 39 public and at invitation competitions and won 13 prizes /7 first, 5 second, 1 third and 4 honorary mentions/)

  • The urban and architectural competition for regional center II in Nis, together with S.Mićić, B.Novaković and P.Milijanović, second prize, 19981
  • The urban competition for the concept of north direction of the town of Mostar development, together with a group of authors, sharing second prize, 1986,
  • The urban and architectural competition for the design of green market and handicraft’s center in Gračanica, together with M.Timotijević, first prize, 1987,
  • The urban and architectural competition for the design of “Granija” sports and recreation center in Priština, with B.Stojkov, first prize, 1988 (partly realized)
  • The urban and architectural competition for the design ofŠabac town center, with B.Stojkov, first prize, 1991
  • Third prize at the Salon of Urbanism in Niš in the category of local urban plans, 1994,
  • The urban and architectural competition for structures at the Vukovar cemetery, first prize, 1993 (realized)
  • The urban and architectural competition for center of citz Arilje, first prize, 2003,
  • The urban and architectural competition for structure of Bežanija cemetery in Belgrade, second prize, 2004.
  • The urban and arcitestural competition for urban b lok in centre of Belgrade, first prize, 2006.
  • The urban competition for Park “Ušće” in Belgrade, first prize, 2008.

RESEARCH WORK (Studies and programs)

  • The Study of Housing for the needs of Spatial Plan of Knjazevac Municipality,
  • The study of Stara planina Developmentin the part in Knjazevac Municipality, II part,
  • The Study and Preliminary Design of the Mediterranean Center forEnergy and Environment – Budva Becici,
  • The feasibility study for the construction of “Ana” Hotel in Banja Koviljaca,
  • The feasibility study for the RENT A CAR system development.
  • The scientific research project: Sustainable spatial development of towns and citiec (membox of team andleader of subproject
  • The scientific research project: Development and relitalizacion of central city zones in Serbia (member of team and leader of subproject)

9 ARTICLES ABOUT IGOR MARIC PUBLISHED in professional literature and 9 articles in daily newspapers

  • Participated at five collective exhibitions and seventy times independently at the Salon of Architecture.


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