Student workshop :: Belgrade calling 4 SPACE

Student workshop :: Belgrade calling 4 SPACE

BAB2017:: student workshop

Belgrade calling 4 SPACE

Problems, Potentials, and Improvement of Urban Paths in Belgrade

venue: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


This workshop has been organized as a part of two elective academic courses with students on the first and second year of master studies at the University of Belgrade-Faculty of Architecture. In total, more than 50 students divided into 10 groups will present their work in form of the poster and the presentation.

// First elective course led by professor Rajko Korica and Teaching assistant Jelena Maric called: Management of urban infrastructure is focused on identifying crucial paths in Belgrade regarding their characteristics and means of transportation, followed by the analysis of historical context, problems, potentials and elements from the selected paths, with the final aim to develop a specific set of guidelines for improvement based on current paradigms in urban and architectural design.


// Second course led by professor Eva Vanista Lazarevic and Teaching assistant Jelena Maric is called: Architecture in context and deals with the problems of combining different architectural styles in the same space, as well as developing new structures in old urban city areas. Students here developed a multi-criteria analysis for evaluating architecture in context for different locations in Belgrade. Finally, the common goal is to develop a new and improved Belgrade in accordance with the examples from the World.

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