Balkan architecture @The Museum of Science and Technology

BAB 2017 :: accompanying exhibition

Balkan architecture preserved in the collections of The Museum of Science and Technology


December 20, 2017 – January 15, 2018

Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade


Exhibition author: Snežana Toševa, PhD

Exhibition designer: Tijana Atanasijević, M.Arch.




The Balkan architecture was often a subject of study, inspiration and lasting preoccupation of many architects in our area. Carrying a deep respect and love for the architectural heritage, as best illustrated by their work, some Serbian architects discovered the beauty of the rapidly disappearing Balkan architecture, and forever save it from forgetting. Starting from the fact that there are different types of protection and different levels of keeping memory on the architectural tradition, we wanted to point out this exhibition to architects who managed to preserve its value in different ways.



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